[nam-shub web beta 0.1]

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[nam-shub web beta 0.1]

a project by joerg piringer

nam shub web is a website processor. it takes the textual content of external websites and applies user defined rules to generate visual poetry out of it. these rules consist of operations that change the text or modify the visual appearance. each set of rules can be stored and published for others to view and alter. however nam shub web does not store any actual content. it only records commands of how to alter the external website content. in case of a dynamic website as the source the visual and textual results change with the dynamic content.

according to Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash, the ancient sumerian nam shub of Enki was a neurolinguistic hack aimed against the standardarization and unification of society and human life through verbal rules and laws. therefore nam shub web can be seen as a computerlinguistic hack targeted against a global unified culture and empire.

to create a new nam shub, click [edit], clear all and load text from a webpage with "load text" button. then move the text around and apply operations. have fun!

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