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by jörg piringer


the album linear b is an acoustic reminiscence of a vanished culture with a forgotten script. this script called linear b was the syllabic writing system of the mycenaean culture in pre-antique greece, used from the 15th century b.c. to the 12th century b.c.. the only surviving records were found on clay plates, which were accidentally hardened and thus preserved by catastrophic fires. ironically, the written evidence of this culture was preserved for posterity by its demise.

the album's 15 ambient tracks ask questions about indecipherability, transience, and dystopian emotional worlds, and explore possible answers in an intuitive way. what can remain of our culture? what evidence will be preserved? what will be the randomly burned clay records of the future?

linear b consists of 15 ambient tracks and is jörg piringer's fourth solo album after vokál 2003, konsonant 2012 und darkvoice 2019. all sound material consists of processed samples of the human voice.



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jörg piringer

jörg piringer is a media artist, poet and musician based in Vienna, Austria. he is a founding member of the Vegetable Orchestra and the institute for transacoustic research. in his works he uses electronics, voice, algorithmic composition, noise and text to create voice noise, sound poetry and electronic music.

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